May 2017 colloquium


In May 2017 the Fried-Gal Transitional Justice Program conducted a second Colloquium ‘Transitional Justice: International, Comparative and Interdisciplinary Perspectives’ chaired by Prof. Ruti Teitel, Visiting Professor, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Ernst C. Stiefel Professor of Comparative Law, New York Law School.


The speakers included:

Prof. Ruti Teitel

What Role for a Global Jurist?  Reflections on Ronald Dworkin in Argentina
Prof. Aeyal Gross The Ends and Fictions of Occupation:  Between Fact and Norm
Prof. Omar Dajani    Shadow or Shade?  The Roles of International Law in Palestinian-Israeli Peace Talks   
Judge Theodor Meron Rule of Law and the International Criminal Tribunals
Prof. Luis Moreno-Ocampo The ICC, the UN and the Israel-Palestine Conflict


The full schedule of colloqium session is available here.